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We believe that the best pictures are the ones where the love and happiness really shine through, where the emotion of the whole day is captured in a single moment. The confetti throw marks the completion of the formal ceremony and the start of the marriage, the celebrations with family and friends, and the party! It’s a newly-wed moment you’ll only experience once, and a great photographer can encapsulate this in one confetti picture.




Taking a little time to arrange the guests can make a world of difference to your picture. A simple line of friends and family means that the confetti throw will last a lot longer, as it continues down the row as you walk by, so your photographer has more chances to get the perfect shot – and you have a more enjoyable experience.

Confetti throwing tips for your Guests …




· If the confetti throw is arranged in a long line, its best to wait until the Wedding Couple are a couple of steps from you to throw your confetti. This means they will walk into your falling confetti.




· Try to throw your confetti high in the air, this will help to maximise the fall, spread and flutter and help to make a more colourful photograph. Confetti cones are good for helping your petal fling.




· If you have an envelope of petals or a bag of confetti, we would suggest you empty it out into the palm of your hand ready for the right moment. It also prevents the wedding couple being hit by a bag!




· Pick up little children, hold them up and tell them when to throw the confetti. They will love this, and it can make for a really super cute picture.




· Work out which way the wind is blowing if you do not want to get covered in petals!




· Don’t spoil the background of the picture by holding up your camera phone. If you want a photograph of the Confetti shot, then you should stand behind the photographer – just remember they may be walking backwards and will not see you!




· If you are holding a glass of Champagne, put it down somewhere safe.




· And, importantly, you are in the photograph too so smile!




… and a final tip for the Wedding Couple …




the very best tip for a beautiful photograph is not to close your eyes! You find that most people have a tendency to close their eyes and screw up your face making the double chin, but the petals really won’t hurt you! It’s really one of life’s best experiences. So, open your eyes, smile and really enjoy this moment!



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