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being a Cheshire wedding photographer and videographer is an amazing job

I get to work at some incredible wedding venues and be part of someone’s special day. I love getting to know the couples I work with before their wedding day as it makes it easier for the couples on their wedding day to relax around me and to feel comfortable have a laugh or a cry which the moment needs.

Working over Cheshire, Liverpool and North Wales is fantastic as the locations and setting change so much. From working at grand manor houses such as Capesthorne hall and to Hillbark Hotel which is set in the woods on the Wirral. I work a lot with Wrenbury hall which is a gorgeous Cheshire wedding venue. As a recommended supplier at the beautiful house, I have great relationships with the owners and staff which all helps on a wedding day as you find that no ask is too big, and they always love to see their wedding couples having an amazing day. The toast master Pete is fantastic and brings a smile to everyone’s face as he is a secret treasure to this Cheshire venue.

Drone footage comes included.

I have a lot of people ask about the drone images and film when booking me as their Cheshire wedding photographer and I always explain that drone is included in all our packages. Now obviously there are restrictions when flying a drone so there are times where it cannot be used such as being close to an airport, but we do discuss this when we have a catch up about your wedding day plans. I am a big fan of the drone when it comes to showing off the wedding venue you have chosen as it shows the location brilliantly. I have used the drone many a time at Wrenbury hall, sometimes just to show the building and grounds with the couple in shot below and other times I have tracked vehicles coming up the driveway such as wedding cars and double deck buses.

Where to get ready for your big day?

Well, that is completely up to you! Each couple is different, and we go to wherever you are. If its just myself on the day, then I meet up with the bride at her chosen location and then meet up with the groom at the ceremony. Let’s face it Brides have more fun getting ready and a lot more happens in the morning then with the groom. Most grooms tend to get ready quickly and spend a lot of the time meeting and greeting friends and family just before the ceremony. If you book a joint package or pay for an extra film maker then this person would be with the groom in the morning capturing them getting ready and be waiting at the ceremony for the bride to arrive.

Don’t get me wrong we have had some of the grooms having more fun than the bride in the morning getting ready with their friends having big breakfasts or going for swims or arriving in sports cars!

One of the things I like about Wrenbury hall is the luxury dressing suite as this room has everything you and your bridesmaids would need to get ready in the morning. With its large open plan space with sofa and make up mirrors and seating all around it is a hair and make up stylist heaven. I find this room helps everyone to relax and not stress over getting ready. With the champagne following and the elegance of the room as a backdrop it looks great on camera.

Indoor or Outdoor ceremony?

I’m a fan of both! When planning your wedding you can never tell what the weather is going to do! Sometimes the planning to have a ceremony inside can take away the stress of the weather and the temperature of the day. At Wrenbury hall you can get married in the Oak room which is more traditional or in the Orangerie which has lots of space and light. Maybe you want a church wedding to say your vows, these are all different visions of a wedding day and suit different couples. An outside ceremony is always beautiful especially at Wrenbury with there Rose Pagoda and the huge lawn which makes a stunning grand entrance for the bridal party to make there way across the lawn.

Take those few just married moments together!

When I have a catch up with my couples we always talk through the plan of the day and see how there feeling on the lead up to the big day. I try to make sure that after the couple are married and they have hugged and kissed family and friends that we go for a walk around the grounds. This is not just for some photographs or film but also to let the couple have those quite moments together. The realization that they are now married and all the planning that went into those moments has just happened. Having that excited kiss as newlyweds can bring you closer together and ready to enjoy the rest of the day partying with friends and family. Capturing those moments on camera is what we do so that in years to come when you look back over your photographs and film you remember those feeling all over again.

The Wedding Breakfast

Depending on who you are depends on the feeling you get when you think of the wedding breakfast.

For the bride we find its more time to relax, for anyone giving speeches it is a whole other story! We have seen so many different reactions to people giving speeches from tears to fit of the giggles. Most of the time it is the panic just before they give their speech, but it all goes well with a round of applause at the end. If we are filming your wedding day, we have anyone who is making a speech wear a wireless microphone recorder. This way we can record the whole speech and if the reader is quiet, we can increase the volume in your wedding video so that you don’t miss a word.

Throwing Crazy shapes

When it comes to the evening reception, we find this is the time that family and friends let down their hair and go for it on the dance floor. With the drinks flowing and the singing getting loader this is the time to capture some great photographs of family and friends having fun. Some couples chose to have fireworks in the evening or extra entertainment with casinos, magicians, and bands. We stay and capture all these moments. Sometimes we find the only way to get those crazy shapes on the dance floor is to join in with you so that the camera does not make you feel nervous. And hold you back from being yourselves enjoying the moment.

If you’re thinking about your wedding day and interested in my work, then please get in touch to talk about your big day. I look forward to a catch up over your plans and a cup of coffee.

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